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Auto Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Have you been injured in an Auto Accident?

Car accidents can result in more damage to you rather than the car itself. Before you know it, you're left in a situation you never thought you'd experience. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident in Charlotte, NC, contact The Law Offices of Chandler & McDonald.

Whether it was a drunk or negligent driver, Chandler & McDonald know the right steps to take after a car wreck. There are several things that need to occur to receive full compensation. If you are handling your case yourself, you could lose out on missed damages. An experienced auto accident lawyer can review medical records and determine what damages a victim is entitled to and ensure that you recover them all.

For experienced car wreck attorneys in Charlotte, NC, give The Law Offices of Chandler & McDonald a call 704-376-6552.


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