Are You a North Carolina Resident Affected by the Equifax Cyber Breach?

Learn about potential class-action lawsuits against Equifax

In July, Equifax, a credit reporting agency, revealed a massive cyber breach disclosed personal information for 143 million users. Equifax only notified consumers in September. Now, the company faces at least 23 proposed class-action lawsuits because of the attack. Here are a few more facts about this breach.

1.According to USA today, nearly half of Americans are affected by the Equifax security breach.
2.Personal data such as addresses and credit card numbers were revealed in the breach.
3.Consumers are freezing their credit in an attempt to prevent hackers from opening new lines of credit.

Victims of the attack will have their information on the web forever. Equifax is currently working with law enforcement to investigate the incident. Call us for more information 704-376-6552.

A federal panel will decide whether or not to consolidate the cases into a single, class-action lawsuit. Once class-action status is obtained, consumers can attempt to join in the suit. At the moment, a legal clause with Equifax's free identity theft protection may hinder consumers by forcing them to settle complaints individually.

This "unfriendly piece of legalese," according to The Verge, "bans parties from joining class-action lawsuits." Until further developments are made, it's important to work with an attorney for your protection and pursuit of justice.


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