Premises Liability is a type of personal injury law where property owners have the obligation to keep their property safe. If parts of the property are potentially dangerous, it is the property owner's duty to inform visitors of these hazards. If a property owner fails to keep their property safe nor offers enough warnings, and an injury occurred on the property, the property owner may be liable.

Contributory negligence makes it more difficult to win full damages in a premise liability case in Charlotte, NC. This means, that if the injured party is partially responsible for the damage, settlements to cover costs will be reduced.

Personal Injury cases in Charlotte, NC, including premise liability, carry a three-year statute of limitations, meaning the injured party has up to three years to file a lawsuit to collect damages fro their injuries.

Slip and Fall Attorney in Charlotte NC

A Slip and Fall is a personal injury claim based on a person injuring themselves as a result a premise liability or slipping and falling because of the conditions of another's property. The property owner may be liable for the injuries you sustained.

Whether the conditions of the property are due to structural defects, hazards created by weather, or building code violations, the personal injury lawyers of The Law Offices of Chandler & McDonald of Charlotte, NC, will hold the property owner accountable to get the compensation owed to you for your injuries.

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