Hire a Lawyer to Help With Your Class Action Lawsuit in the Charlotte, NC Area

You're Entitled to Compensation

Are you part of a group that has been wronged by recklessness or negligence? You can take a stand against a company, person or product that has caused a faction of consumers to suffer. File a class action lawsuit with help from The Law Offices of Chandler & McDonald P.L.L.C., a Charlotte-based law firm.

Class Action Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Who is eligible to file for a class action lawsuit?

There are a number of reasons to hire a class action lawyer. Here are some examples of groups who have successfully filed class action lawsuits in the past:

  • Homeowners or business owners affected by a manmade environmental disaster.
  • Patients who were prescribed a drug with harmful unaddressed side effects.
  • Consumers who purchased a defective product that was falsely advertised.
  • Employees who have experienced discrimination by their employer.

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