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The Law Offices of Chandler & McDonald, P.L.L.C. is proud of its record of protecting the rights of injured persons no matter how complex or difficult the issues each case presents. No trial attorney can guarantee success in every set of facts. But the attorneys of Law Offices Of Chandler & McDonald, P.L.L.C. will guarantee that we will aggressively pursue the rights of each client through negotiation if possible but through litigation if necessary.

In just the past decade, the Law Offices of Chandler & McDonald, P.L.L.C. has obtained settlements and verdicts for our clients in selected cases that total in excess of $84,000,000.00. These results were produced from some of these fact situations:

Product Liability

  • A negligently-designed pool filter exploded under pressure, causing blindness and brain damage to a young homeowner. Litigation continued in California and North Carolina for six years until the case settled the night before jury selection. Over $350,000.00 was spent in trial preparation with a recovery in excess of $4,000.000.00.
  • Defective brakes on an improperly designed forklift crushed the foot of the operator and resulted in his total disability. The trial involved experts from five states and a recovery that provided the client and his family a very comfortable lifetime income.
  • A negligently-engineered transmission system on a bulldozer resulted in serious injury to a yard worker when the machine lurched forward, pinning him against a dumpster. A substantial verdict sent the bulldozer manufacturer the message that safety must take precedence over profits.
  • A scaffolding system separated due to an improperly-welded bracket, causing disabling injury to a mason working on the 3rd level. In trial preparation it was discovered that other welds on the scaffolding had also been improperly made but that the company offering the scaffolding for lease made no attempts at repair because of deadlines. After jury selection & 2 days of trial, the insurance company paid its policy limit of $1 Million plus.
  • An examining table in a local doctor's office malfunctioned due to a hydraulic problem, causing a severe laceration to the patient's leg and subsequent amputation. The case settled at mediation for approximately $750,000.00.
  • A surgical staple designed to reconnect tissue at the sight of a gastric bypass failed when applied, causing the contents of the small intestine to drain into the stomach cavity. Experts were retained to reconstruct the surgery and the malfunction and the matter was settled prior to trial for a substantial amount.

Aviation Law

  • A trainee air-traffic controller failed to notice two private planes on the same coordinates eighteen minutes before the mid-air collision. Both planes had filed flight plans with their home airports but nothing was entered into the system as a result of controller error. The use of aviation experts, former FAA employees and a computer reconstruction of the events, the claim of our clients' estates settled at mediation for $4,000,000.00.
  • Our client, a licensed pilot, was rendered a paraplegic when the stabilizers on his aircraft failed following negligent repairs performed three days earlier. Our investigation discovered the cause of the crash and our experts tied that cause to negligent repairs. This resulted in a settlement that assured the client the care and income he and his family needed for the remainder of his life.

Professional Negligence

  • Our client had previously retained a lawyer to draw an estate plan which contained major errors regarding tax liability and as the result, a substantial tax levy was issued by the I.R.S. This firm discovered the mistakes made by the lawyer and the case ultimately settled for $1,000,000.00 short of trial.
  • Our client, Chief of Anesthesiology at a major hospital, was ordered into physical therapy following rotator cuff surgery. The therapist followed the wrong protocols in administering the PT regiment and as the result disrupted the repair and disabled the client from the practice of medicine. The case settled when the surgery who performed the initial rotator cuff repair testified the therapist used the wrong protocols.
  • Accounting errors and deceptive marketing practices by three major firms resulted in the overselling by 86,000 units of a timeshare in a major resort. The jury verdict was a multi-million dollar award to persons cheated in the scheme.
  • A multi-million dollar tax avoidance scheme was developed and marketed to select customers of a major bank which used tax strategies that the I.R.S. rejected, resulting in massive assessments, interest and penalties against our clients. The final settlement restored these clients to their original financial positions.

Insurance Litigation

  • Our client, having lost his home to fire, was falsely accused by the insurance adjuster of arson and that rumor spread throughout the client's hometown. Litigation against the insurance company for fraud and bad faith resulted in a punitive damages award of three times the policy limit.
  • Allstate Insurance Company refused payment of the death claim of a passenger under an Uninsured Motorist policy. The verdict ordering payment of that policy limit was trebled and all attorney's fees and costs were ordered paid by Allstate because of its unfair and deceptive trade practices. Allstate lost all appeals.

Premises Liability

  • Our client, a young limousine driver with a wife and three children, was at a local Charlotte nightclub when he was assaulted off premises by bouncers of that bar. His injuries were critical and life changing. After two years in litigation and a two and one-half week trial, the case settled for $3,320,000.00 five minutes before final arguments were to have begun.
  • A Georgia motel chain provided inadequate security for its customers in a high-crime area. Our client was attacked outside his room by a criminal who had been thrown out of the motel's bar for assaulting another customer. Police were not called because minors were drinking in the bar at the time. The client suffered a complete hearing loss and a brain injury in the attack and the case settled during jury selection for approximately $1,000,000.00.
  • A construction company and an engineering firm hired by a municipality to install a water main on a busy highway completely failed to follow traffic control plans drawn for the project. The client was critically injured and disabled when he became confused by the traffic pattern and struck a bulldozer parked in the roadway at night. The turning point was the discovery of a letter from the City to the contractor, written four months before this accident and concealed for two years, which read "The traffic controls must be followed as drawn or motorists will likely suffer seriously injury." The concluded for a multi-million dollar settlement.


  • Our client was brutally assaulted by her then-boyfriend within her own home suffering life-changing emotional and physical injuries. After years of investigation and litigation, judgment was finally obtained for $1,486,684.00.

Auto Accidents

  • Our clients were struck on a rural road at night by a law enforcement officer traveling at an excessive speed in his patrol vehicle. The matters resolved for the maximum available coverage of over $500,000.00.


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